Product Name: Magnetic Hook Magnetic holder

Suitable for hanging items onto metal surface. Some suggestions are keys on the inside of a safe or door, various other objects onto filing cabinets, desks, or door frame.

They can also be used to hang banners, signange or for applying screens onto metal frames.

CODE MFI 300 MFI 301 MFI 302 MFI 303 MFI 304 MFI 305
DIAMETER 25mm 32mm 40mm 47mm 52mm 77mm

Product Name: Magnet Badge Holder  

The magnet badge comprises a plated keeper with a self adhesive face and the magnet assemblies onto which is mounted two NdFeB magnets.

The assemblies being produced in vast quantities, are extremely cost effective and are also being used for many different industrial applications.

Magnet Badge Holder Magnet Badge Holder Magnet Badge Holder
  Plated or Plastic finish Medium plastic finish only Single steel finish
CODE MAS 031 MAS 032 MAS 033 MAS 035
LENGTH 45mm 45mm 35mm 17mm - diameter
WIDTH 13mm 13mm 10mm -

Product Name: Powerful Magnetic Door Catcher Magnetic Door Catchers

• Durable high powered magnets.
• Stops and holds door open
• Protecting walls from bumps and knocks
• A  gentle tug releases door for easy closure
• Made from durable plastic


Product Name: Magnetic Handbag Clasp Handbag Clasp

• Made from powerful ferrite magnet
• Easy push / pull - open / close action
• Manufactured in two sizes 15mm & 18mm disc
• Available in Gun metal / gold / silver



Product Name: Powerfull Magnetic Sign Gripper Sign Gripper

Sign Gripper

• No need for masking tape
• Guaranteed correct vinyl positioning
• Size: 43 Diameter x 50mm handle
• Safe to use with painted surface

Sign gripper is a powerful magnetic holding tool for vehicle sign appliers. Manufactured using powerful rare earth magnets. Sign gripper is the ideal solution for holding vinyl graphics in place on vehicles surface.

Consisting of polyurethane coated neodymium, ensuring a safe contact surface is achieved when applying graphics to cars etc.

Designed with a long handle, giving the user extra leverage when positioning often delicate vinyl media. Also suitable for other holding applications when in contact with steel surfaces.


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