Flexible magnet covers a wide range of magnet material. The input chemicals or constituents are p.v.c binders into whichthe magnet powders are mixed. The magnetic powder which greatly influences the material's performance are normally Barium Ferrite or Strontium Ferrite and more recently rare earth Neodymim Iron Boron. The resultant mixture is extruded or rolled and as the final process the material is magnetised. Some materials like high energy sheets are work rolled to enhance performance


Magnetic Performance:

As with all magnetic materials, performance in terms of pull off is difficult to quantify by just the magnetic characteristics. The BHmax indicates the maximum field strength at full magnetic saturation but the pull off is also influenced by the type of magnetization used. For max adhesive a multipole Magnet matrix is used, but most high energy sheets and neo mags are magnetised axially.

1. Material Types  
Material BHmax (Energy Product)
# Isotropic / Semi Anisotropic Ferrite 0.7 - 0.8 MGOe
# Full Anisotropic ferrite (High Energy Sheet) 1.1 - 1.4 MGOe
# Neodynium Flexible Material 2.0 - 2.5 MGOe
The more expensive material has superior performance
2. Material Thickness
Material thickness mm Pull Gram cm-SQ
0.4 20
0.5 29
0.75 42
1.5 75
2 90
Typical Pull characteristics onto mild steel
The popular thickness range of flexible magnet material is available in a higher energy. The thicker the material the greater the pull. It is not direct proportion, but the thicker the material the greater the pull increase.

Product Name: Kiss Cut Kiss cut

Self Adhesive pre-cut pieces

Code Length Width Thickness Qty per sheet Box Qty single Box Qtysheet
MFL 122 25mm 10mm 0.75mm 200 32.000 160 sheets p/box
MFL 121 38mm 12mm 0.75mm 100 10.000 100 sheets p/box
MFL 131 40mm 20mm 0.75mm 100 10.000 100 sheets p/box
MFL 120 50mm 20mm 0.75mm 100 10.000 100 sheets p/box
MFL 123 80mm 20mm 0.75mm 50 2.500 50 sheets p/box

Product Name: Flexible Magnetic Sheet Flexible magnetsFlexible magnet sheets

Supplied in Gloss or Matt

Width 610mm x 30m rolls   Cut pieces
Thickness 0.4mm-0.5mm-0.75mm plain brown   Ferro - Thickness 0.5mm x 305mm x 420mm
Thickness 0.4mm-0.6mm-0.85mm Vinyl faced   Adhesive magnets 0.5mm x 305mm x 420mm
Thickness 0.5 mm - 0.75 mm adhesive backed    
Width 610mm wide x 15m per role   Ferro - 0.4mm
Thickness 1.5mm plain & adhesive backed   0.5mm x 610 x 30 meter rolls
Width 1000 x 10 meter roll   Magnetic Paper - Supplied in A4 sheet
Thickness 0.85mm white 15m roll   For ink jet printers only 0.02mm thickness
Thickness 0.85mm Red/Blue/Yellow/Orange   Gloss or Matt
Black/Light & Dark green 10 rolls
Thickness 0.75mm plain x 15m rolls

Product Name: Extruded strip magnet-flat profile (adhesive backed)
Product Description:  

Flat profile also called strip magnet material, adhesive backed, is very popular both for the display industry and for general craft projects. The material is available in 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0 mm thickness, and a numbrer of widths, and up to three types of peel-off adhesive backing.

Standard adhesive suitable to adhere to dry , clean, non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, coated card etc.
Foam (mirror tape) adhesive, best applied to slightly porous surfaces such as ceramic, wood etc.
Super aggressive adhesive is specifically developed to adhere to flexible backing sucha s display laminates / posters. This adhesive requires a curing time of 24 hours before rolling the laminate and extruded strip magnet.

Product Name: Extruded strip magnet
(magnet to magnet application)
Mag A & B

The 12.5mm extrusion Mag "A" and the Mag "B" allows perfect alignment or mating between profiles.


Teh two separate 12.5mm Mag "A" will perfectly align / mate to teh 25mm Mag "B" profile

The magnet to magnet application are most useful for fixing of posters and graphics in display system. In addition to Mag "A" / Mag "B", other types of self aligning systems can be manufactured on request.

Product Name: Special Strip - Mag - Edge  
Neo Mag Edge ™ is powerful, the Neo Mag-Edge ™ has peel-off aggressive adhesive and coloured for mounting identification of each strip, one being red and the other blue.
Product Name: High Energy Magnetic Sheet  
High energy sheet product is a 1.0-1.4MGOe material manufactured in small sheets. We stock the 6mm thick material in 500 x 250mm sheets and 4mm thick sheet in 400 x 250mm sheets. Other thicknesses are also available on application. This high energy material is normally magnetized axially so one flat face has one pole and its opposite flat face is its other pole. The popular application of this material is to cut its sheet into strips and its strips fitted around the circumference of pneumatic pistons so that its position can be determined through its aluminum cylinder by reed switch or hall effect probe. Its high energy sheet is a solution for custom made ring magnets.

Product Name: Standard Strip ( Non-adhesive backed)

Plain magnet strip is a popular and economically priced material for general purpose applications, it can be stapled and will accept small screws. There are three popular types of magnetization. The 9.7mm x 3.6mm using 3 pole magnetization is most popular packed in 4 meter rolls. Special sections can be imported, but if the size (is none stock) tooling charges will be incurred. The 9.7mm x 3.6mm has 1 pole magnetization and is used for educational purposes.

3 poles 2 poles 1 pole
3 poles on a one face best adhesive 2 poles on one face 1 pole on each face
Product Name: Extruded strip magnet (special section) c profile

Magnetized multipole, the "C' profile is designed to accept a card for point-of-sale display or shelf stock labeling. Manufactured in standard widths 15/ 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 50mm and sold in 50 meter rolls. Certain stock sizes sold per meter.