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Magnetic systems for the the removal of ferrous contaminates
These magnetic systems have various names around the world but they all have the same purpose of removing ferrous contaminants from your products:
Grid magnets, Hopper magnets, Grate magnets, Magnetic bars, Plate magnets, Over band magnets, Conveyor magnets, Bullet magnets, Hump magnets, Magnetic sweeper / Plate magnets.
At TGD we specialize in building custom units to customer requirements and specifications, Please talk to our friendly team whom will suggest the best suitable application for your needs
These units are mostly used within the food industry, plastic industry and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore these are normally built from a food grade stainless steel
The plate magnets are offered in either a stainless steel option or mild steel which is then powder coated to prevent rusting.
We take pride in these systems and when designing them we take into account that these might last our customers 50+ years and therefore build them to very high standards taking into account the product flow, ease of cleaning and only use high grade N42H magnets which will handle up to 120 degrees Celsius