Flexible Magnets


Flexible magnet covers a wide range of magnet material. The input chemicals or constituents are p.v.c binders into which the magnet powders are mixed. The magnetic powder which
greatly influences the material's performance are normally Barium Ferrite or Strontium
Ferrite, and more recently rare earth Neodymium Iron Boron. The resultant mixture is
extruded or rolled and as the final process the material is magnetized. Some materials like
high energy sheets are work rolled to enhance performance


Magnetic Performance:

As with all magnetic materials, performance in terms of pull off is difficult to quantify by just the magnetic characteristics. The BHmax indicates the maximum field strength at full magnetic saturation but the pull off is also influenced by the type of magnetization used.
For max adhesive a multipole Magnet matrix is used, but most high energy sheets and Neo Mag’s are magnetized axially.

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